#Coupledrama #Compareus

I’m going to comment on something that the Magician hates. But he’s currently lying asleep next to me and can’t take my phone out of my paws… Ha ha ha!

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Fruitless Villainy #Poem #Arguements #LoversTears

Life permeates all your words

Spilling from your mouth

As easily as a lovers verse

Turning me to the villian

When I have done no wrong

Banishing me to blood and rath

All to play your childish games

When you are no more than you are

The mind happily blown away

To tears and silence

I Am #Poem #Brokenlies #MovingOn

Choices plague me in the light

Frequently lies of my needs

Self- worth based on affection given

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Ghost of Fear- #Poem #Broken heart

It’s a subtle change

You seem just a touch happier today

The day I’m to leave you

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Koh Samui Part 2- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

This was to be an exceptionally strange week, as I spoke to my ex- husband for the first time in months. This was to let him know that I was writing a book, some of it was based on our relationship break down. I’d just wanted to check that he was ok with me writing this. It turns out he didn’t mind at all. In fact he wanted to read a copy of it when it was finished. The conversation then took a bizarre turn, he talked about how it was hard to adjust to living in a more frugal life style compared to when we’d been together. On top of that, he recommended I read a book based on how to keep your marriage together. All in all, this made me extremely uncomfortable. Continue reading Koh Samui Part 2- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

Koh Samui Part 1- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

I travelled out to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai (catching a flight, then a ferry). This was actually a lot simpler than I’d thought it would be and I was at my hotel by 3pm The hotel was slightly expensive, but I had a room to myself for the quiet I’d been craving. The entire point of landing into Koh Samui was to keep writing, on and on until I’d released pent up emotions and could understand some of the turbulence over the last few months. Questions flooded my mind over and over again. And my pen flew at speed through my note pad. Continue reading Koh Samui Part 1- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

After leaving Nepal in our wake, we headed to the Northern Thai city, Chiang Mai. This city is a very well-known spiritual place, filled with retreats, elephant sanctuaries, and other fun things for the conscious tourist. After landing in the city, we got picked up from the centre to start our retreat. I was excited about this, as a German Yoga instructor recommended Suan Sati. We would be spending 2 weeks in their Truck-a-low. This was basically a truck that had been converted into a romantic room for two. Continue reading Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

Alone- #Poem #Depression

Poorly planned words fall from your lips

They echo through my mind

Fear and doubt churns in my stomach

And I’m back in that room

I just can’t escape

Truths don’t belong with me here

But the ghosts stay in my mind

I look for the keys

To escape from here back to you

But I can’t get out

I hear you outside

But I’m still alone in here

In the dark

the cold

In France with the Magician

I landed out in Belgium late at night, to have the Magician and his father pick me up. The drive went by quickly in a blur. My lack of French not stopping us all singing rock songs together on the drive to the Magician home. Continue reading In France with the Magician

Bye- #Poem #Poetry

Goodbye my lover

Au revoir my soul mate

Sianara to the hater

Ciao to your pain and anger

Hello to warmth

Good morning to passion

Bonjour to peace

Salut to the self


Misplaced Grief- #Poem #Poetry

I shouldn’t feel sad for you

Others in my place would rejoice

That you’re trapped a year on

Still in darkness of our divorce

But I just feel pity

As I moved on

But you’re just a shadow

No knowledge of who you really are

Letting someone tell you who you can be, who you can talk too

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Moving On, Moving Away- #Poem #Poetry

You didn’t move on

But you are the one who walked out

I moved forward

But you decided to live in dark denial

Refusing responsibility for the hurricane caused

Try all the counsellors and books you want now

But even your new partner in crime won’t accept your sadness

The world wants a mask from you

Believing because you left

That you are the happy one

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Camino Day 68 (O Cebreiro to Triacastela) 22K- #CAMINO #HIKING

I woke up with the Magician to views of mist covered streets as we were high up in the hills. We sat and had a slow breakfast with Kisses Cuddle Bear. I had finally found a person that could eat more than the Magician. I had thought for a long time it wasn’t physically possible, but its true, he does exist. And they’re both French. It reminded me of my French exchange, where the French mothers Continue reading Camino Day 68 (O Cebreiro to Triacastela) 22K- #CAMINO #HIKING