Drugs Stupor #Poem #Painkillers

Trapped in my body

Pain that never leaves

I float in a stupor

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Collapsing Body- #Poem #Pain

The drugs deafen my mind

Thoughts jumbled in the darkness

Time drifts to hours

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Alone- #Poem #Depression

Poorly planned words fall from your lips

They echo through my mind

Fear and doubt churns in my stomach

And I’m back in that room

I just can’t escape

Truths don’t belong with me here

But the ghosts stay in my mind

I look for the keys

To escape from here back to you

But I can’t get out

I hear you outside

But I’m still alone in here

In the dark

the cold

Camino Day 72 (Mélide to Irene)- 25K #CAMINO #HIKING

I woke up early, having not slept well for most of the night. It didn’t help that the Magician’s other Brother spent 30mins doing yoga in front of me. I know some people really enjoyed this, but it’s not really my cup of tea having a bloke do this in front of me at 7am in skin tight leggings. After the aerobic display we eventually set off from the albergue in search of breakfast and ate the most Continue reading Camino Day 72 (Mélide to Irene)- 25K #CAMINO #HIKING

Black hole- #Poem #Poetry

Sucking all within

Consuming everything in sight

Refusing anything purchase

A way to escape

Not to have to try anymore

Just to drown

In the darkness

Don’t save me

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Camino Day 66 (Ponferrerada to Villafranca del Bierzo) 25K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Ponferrerada is the last major town before Santiago! There’s a fortress here that the Templar knights built (after they were directed to look after this place by the Kings of Leon). Once they were disbanded though, the area was taken over by the Dukes of Lemos. The town continued to thrive with the surge of medieval pilgrims though, which was only added too with the discovery of coal and iron ores here in the 20th century.

We were starting to get closer and closer to the end of the Camino, less than 2 weeks left. This was starting to feel pretty strange and I was finding myself starting to dread the end and yet unable to wait for it at the same time. I thought about people having walked long distances struggling to acclimatise back into their life before. Questions filled our conversations about what will you do after? How do you bring the Camino home with you. Some had jobs to go straight back to, others were going back to studies, others would continue to travel. The Magician Continue reading Camino Day 66 (Ponferrerada to Villafranca del Bierzo) 25K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Judgement Day- #Poem #Poetry

Life slips through my fingers

Out of my body

Passing like the wind in my hair

Time just a measurement

Experience a marker with scars

My body and soul marked with lines

That I wouldn’t trade

A lesson etched on my life

Ones to take to the grave

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Camino Day 60 (Sahagun to Reliegos) 33K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Our little group of the Texan, my Little Sister and the Magician left our municipal late. We bounced through Sahagun, finding the half way sign! The Magician and I had walked ¾ of the route from Le Puy to Santiago. Most of that, we had been Continue reading Camino Day 60 (Sahagun to Reliegos) 33K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Rightful Wrath- #Poem #Poetry

Hate calls from your voice

I want you to hurt

Need you to burn alive

When did I earn this punishment?

Can forgiveness be earnt?

Before our clock runs out

I feel my love being eaten alive

Under your never-ending wrath


Loved for the Black Dog- #Poem #Poetry

Be the song

Become the feeling

Live in the emotion

Accept it’s desolation to you

But what if I fight it

Could I win

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Easy Escape- #Poem #Poetry

Let me fall into you

An easy armchair

Comforting with another

Rather than facing it alone

Your love bloisters the gap

Where my own should be

Starring into mirror

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Times Residing Grief- #Poem #Grief

Time is the healer

Or the pioneer of my mind

Take the sharpness of the pain

To a permanent dull ache

Residing within my heart

A wrong to never leave

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My Own Worst Battle – #Poem #Poetry

I am my enemy

Waiting to leap

Bound in silent wake

To lay judgement at your feet

Knocking out your legs

To leave you here with me

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