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Internal Supporting Arms- #Poem #Self- love

People say they care for me

But they judge me

People say they love me

But I’m never prioritised

People say I matter

But I’m the one who always concedes

People say, say and say

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The path is winding

Boulders fill my way

I clamber and climb

Feet finding purchase

I get high from my success

But sucked down from the distance to go

Questioning when will my journey end

What is my success

But to continue the climb

Peering back I see the vista

Glaring forward I talk in the peak

Sat on my boulder I wait

Refusing to move on further

Sunrising; Sunsetting

And still I move no further

I am weary from the paths toil

Yet nothing here is changing

I grow stale, muscles atrophy

My mind muggy

Begging for difference, yet body unchanged

Movement no longer understood

Change now unheard

And I rot into the waste

Peace in the Gap

Anger burns in my eyes world

Furnace of actions and reactions

Peace gained in the space

Between your stimulus

And my reaction

Quiet and logic fuel my behaviour

Choosing who I am

What I become in this now

In a previous world of corresponding explosions

Now I surrender to a peace

Of being who I want

In a world of instant gratifications

Internal Volcanoe

My stomach churns

Questions and reason on my lips

Build the anger

Grow the frustration

Fuelling a fire of negative emotions

Escalating up

To a volcanic explosion

Disappointment in the aftermath

Sadness and guilt reverberate

Time and energy lost

Emptiness lies there

Along with initial stomach churns

Still remaining there

Until I accept it is

And remain within it

Observing its affect without giving rise to a cause

It just it

And there it disappates

With my acceptance of it

Accepting the Moment

My stomach is churning

Unsure what is wrong

Turmoil is building

Let me give it a reason

A name

In a fight to decrease its power

But only feeds the monster

The negativity swirls down the sink hole

Taking me with it

Giving rise to my pain

Justifying my worry and reaction

The tears are lacerating

Into my minds eye

Refusing me purchase

The right to move on

Till I come home to my churning

Acknowledge it just is

And to let it lie there

Till its disapates

To nothing

Sun versus the Moon

You envy my place in the stars

Yet you remain the indominable sun

You bring growth in those around

Life flourishing deep, connecting automatically

You ignite fire to allow growth and change

I silence the fires

Bring serenity in the lapping waves

I reflect in the sky

Merely through the gift of your light

The days I eclipse you

Can you not see?

That without your light

All remains dark

On those days hopes rises in me that you will finally take this lesson

That although we orbit

One is not better, Nor worse

We are

Jealousy misplaced

As you weren’t meant to cause the tides

As I was not meant to bring growth

But together we mean life


The morning has come

And you are with me

Long gone are my fears of desertion

When I call

You come as a consistent wave

Beneath my surface is a torrent

Your peace calms me slowly

Sinking through my pores

Giving me peace in a world of chaotic movement

Self- serving bustling tourists

Greedy reminders of self- driven souls

I wonder should I envy their lives of comfort

But I see the chaos of their movement

Extremes of passion to be better

In a valueless scale

As in the end, what does any of it matter?

My value the same as yours

Money can make life easier

But brings pressures of expectation

I can live in my serenity

Only taking as I need to live

Satisfied in simplicity

Rather than remedial sticky plasters

Based on latest gimmicks

Appreciation of the natural, the now

Not empty consumerism

Circles of my Mind

The Tiger stalks

Through the bushes of my mind

Hunting its prey

Hoping surprise is on his side

To catch him unaware

And trap him between his claws

Unaware the hunter is hunted

In unison they circle

Just out of reach

Fulfilling life’s deadly chase

Never meant to be caught

But told to hunt and destroy

Failing to see the circle

The dependence of life’s infinity

That connection is beyond the traps

Removed from false hunger

They have merely to sit and listen

And in unison find acceptance

Beyond the disillusioned hunt

Peace beneath the Surface

Only receive

What you can take

Taking gives vapour trails

Lessons within veiled gifts

For those who are open

To connections without reciprocation

Unblocked to feel the sun

And peace of the moon

Serenity not on a Thai beach

Within the compass of your soul

To hear without expectation

Know without want

Resonating to yourself

And the verse that is your reality

A New

Balance on the board

Don’t tip over

Burrow into the depths

Till you rise

Clear and Pure

Cleansed by the harsh light

Layers purified into the deep

Realised potential

Balls of energy

Explode into life

Waves of decite push against

Leave them by the wayside

Let them ride through you

Never to deter you from your path

Freedom in your movement

To your rightful path

Bolistered by your believers

The strongest is yourself

Feeling your core of light

Taking you back

To the stars you were born from

Freedom in your light


How can I be honest

When the word betrayal is used so easily

Having a different opinion leads to heated words

I needed something for myself

To not be pushed to a life I’m not ready to accept

But I killed the most precious gem

I’ll suffer alone eternally for my mistake

I should have had more faith

To know we were stronger

But I took the cowards route

Now I’ll pay for it

With tears of my life blood

You sought my betrayal

As I hunted to prove I was unworthy of your love

Silence occupies our voices now

My silent tears endless

Your anger and need for revenge clear

I clutch to strings binding us

I can hear your scissors hanging

I’m waiting for you to snip

When I’ll fall to my death


I am your sterotype

Foundation perfection

Heels to step over you

Blonde hair to flick at you

Everything to ooze control over you

Underneath my war paint

I hide my vulnerable shame

Bottomless worry

I am not enough

That luck dogs all my moves

I do not belong to my success

Its merely a consequences of your need for a quota