Ghost of Fear- #Poem #Broken heart

It’s a subtle change

You seem just a touch happier today

The day I’m to leave you

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Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

After leaving Nepal in our wake, we headed to the Northern Thai city, Chiang Mai. This city is a very well-known spiritual place, filled with retreats, elephant sanctuaries, and other fun things for the conscious tourist. After landing in the city, we got picked up from the centre to start our retreat. I was excited about this, as a German Yoga instructor recommended Suan Sati. We would be spending 2 weeks in their Truck-a-low. This was basically a truck that had been converted into a romantic room for two. Continue reading Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

Sweet Freedom

Truffle caught in my throat

Sickly sweet

Dense in my stomach

Feeling sick

I still consume


When it causes only pain

I smile as if the full feeling is love

Not false sweetness

Tired of cosmetic lies

Seeing the increasing buldges

On my diet of your lies

My mirror is warped

Showing fingers entwined

But its only me, clasping my own

Chocolate wrappers littered around

And that sickly sweet sickness spreads

Unable to cover the hole in my chest

Till my legs find purchase

Curling in strength

Bearing me away

Shedding your pointless lies

Growing in speed

And filled with unused gasoline

Taking me on a new journey

Free from your sweet entrapment