#GameofThrones #Belfast #Workstory

I have little catch phrases that the Magician likes to point out…. Gentle hints (or sometimes a deserved verbal brick in the face) that I always say this.

  • Its just really hectic at the moment due to blah blah
  • This person messed up so I have to stay late
  • I’m just really stressed right now

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Dubbers- #Poem #Travel

The city street shrinks around me

Couples snuggle

Unable to stand without the other

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In France with the Magician

I landed out in Belgium late at night, to have the Magician and his father pick me up. The drive went by quickly in a blur. My lack of French not stopping us all singing rock songs together on the drive to the Magician home. Continue reading In France with the Magician

Land of Port- #Porto #Portugual

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, after the Capital (Lisbon). It is split in two by its huge wide river, Douro. There are a number of beautiful metal bridges crossing the river, which makes for picturesque photos. This is a beautiful city to visit, not just because the steep sided valley (coupled with historical artistic architecture) that gives way to continuous beautiful views, but also because the food is delicious here. Especially coupled with Port (fermented wine) that is made here. If you haven’t tasted it, you get red, rose or white varieties. However, the more aged the Port is, the stronger and better the taste can be (similar to whiskeys). Basically if you like sweet wines with a strong fruity flavour, you’ll probably like Port.

The morning started out strange for both of us. In just over a day, we’d both be home. The Magician would then be flying to the UK to meet my family. It was the times we would get to know who we both were outside the Camino. The Magician had never seen me in my staple clothes of dresses and jeans. And it was the same for me, with the Magician. With stress running high over breakfast we had a ridiculous argument over something completely minor. This left me feeling distant from him, unsure of who he was, where we were going. A strong need to pull away and protect myself started to emerge. Echos of warnings that ‘this is a holiday romance’ from friend’s echoing back through my mind.

The Magician and I didn’t have much time in Porto, but also wanted to enjoy a little shopping. From walking on the Camino I knew I’d lost some weight, but I was excited to see how much. Pacing round the changing room I struggled to find clothes that suited me, but immensely enjoyed the fact I was back to a healthy size for my body. The first time in over 6 years!!!

Wanting to make sure we still enjoyed some of the city, we spent the afternoon on a tour around a Port distillery and had a boat trip along the Douro. To be honest these felt like simple easy touristy things to do. Which was fun, but it felt very gimmicky and didn’t really give us a feel for Portuguese people, culture or the history of the town. On the plus side we did get some nice views of Porto from the Douro river. The distillery tour could have been better if we’d had time to stop and taste the port (but unfortunately we were running out of time and had to make a run for the last boat trip of the day). The evening we spent at a vegetarian all you can eat buffet restaurant (da Terra) which made up for the hectic running around we’d done all day. The variety of food was amazing, and I think its sufficient to convince even the hardest critic that vegan food can be tasty and doesn’t just involve carrot sticks.

My Camino was over. It was hard and weird seeing everyone else continuing to walk. The little seed that wanted to keep walking was taking route inside me. But I wasn’t sure how that would work with the Magician and me. We’d talked so much about having a project together. This didn’t really cater for me continuing to hike (let alone for a long period of time). Then after the silly argument in the morning, I was beginning to turn into my little self protective bubble. I was feeling it was so much easier to just run far away from having an honest conversation with the Magician about my wants. Distance continued to step between us and stress running high lead to another ridiculous argument on our way to the airport in the morning. I left Porto alone on my way back to England, day dreaming that life would be easier in complete isolation. I wouldn’t have to deal with any honest difficult conversations.

London- #Poem #Poetry

They say you’re cold

Your exterior is hard

My shrouded London city

With people as grey as your clouds

Monuments with dark history

Lines vast traffic laiden streets

Iconic red buses

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Golden sunlight baths the pilgrims

Cold air freezing our toes

Hope of paths found fill our eyes

Half way points reached and past

Family bonds are re- enforced

With love and gifts of time

Composites of countries

Highlight differences, but bonds over simplicity

Food, drink and lost meanings

Compound our Camino together

Lost ways are highlighted in never ending co- incidents

Meaning and Symbols seep our days

Helping us find ways

Of life beyond Santiago

Of ways after

But we will take our Camino

Into Kindness of sisterhood

Gifts to those of differences

To bring equality to life

Of those surrounding us

English Capital

Smoky & dusty

Filled with occasional sun

Grey buildings team in the sky

I belong to you

Yet must be parted

Till I find my path in life

Which takes me from you

My old grey home

Travels may take me far

To green forests

Azure seas

But you will always be in my heart

My beloved London

Your strange sense of class

With bustling pushy individuals

And lost tourists

Raining trains and looping tubes

Historic streets are crowded and winding

Cobbled to trip the unaware stiletto’ed girl

Bohemiam Retro- Be unique

Over priced

Drawing super stars

Time changes you beyond recognition

Scared by air raids and Roman invasions

The new, ancient and unwanted

Recessions and housing crisises

Beauty in every road


Clouds floating by

Suspended carelessly

Gasps show peaks of the sun

Water rippling beneath

Carry heavy Iron horses

Plowing through the sea

Reaping their harvest

And leaving ripples to be seen from space

Land curls around

Green and lush

Like a forgotten playground



The mountains climb up

Unexpected grey jagged edges

Jagged little pill in my ear

Swallows diving, dancing

The gruff tanned Spaniards weary eyes

Barbers cut throat razors

A distant memory elsewhere


My heart heals

The hole dissipates

In the trickles of water

The giggles of young women

And limitless fresh air


The doe eyed cows

The bright greetings of old friends in local cafe bars

Nursing small coffees over cards

Giggles over bad photos

Life returns on

And I return home

A little less damaged, a little more whole