Chiang Mai Temple- #Poem #Poetry

Children laugh

Smile so hard they shut their eyes

Roll on the floor in giggles

Parent cry ‘Shhhh’

In the reverent hall

Buddha sits golden on his thrown

Dama his message of life

Believers bow deeply

Head pressed to the floor in reverence

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Coconut Tree- #Poem #Poetry

Gnarled short roots
Belie the tall tree
Fruits dangle dangerous
To drop bearing it’s fresh milk
With a bang to your head
And a delicious drink to make you forget the bump

Paradise Beach- #Poem #Poetry

Waves lap undisturbed
Local boys play football in the desserts beach
Littered in rubbish of nature and man
Turquoise seas entice you in
To a whole universe
Under the sea
Come see it if you dare
Play with the fishes
In one of the last unknowns
In your verse

Water Beach- #Poem #Poetry

Take me to the sea

The salty water will cleanse me

Bathing in the powerful waves

Sand will rub down my rough skin

Showing my soft under belly

Sticking to the wet skin

In delicate beige swirls

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Thick armor protecting itself from the world

Slited eyes gaze lazily out

Wading slowly, rocking back and forth

Feet in a determined pattern

Wide tail curling back and forth

Floating out of the water

Disguised in water

Dreamily gazing out on the world

Prey warily nearby

Awaiting his spurred speed

To take advantage opportunistically

Base instinct driving his will

To mate, eat, deliver on in this world


Offer your wears

Scarves with all colours fluttering

Air conditioned malls over crowded

Tourists congregating in clumps

Unconfident in their steps

Desire not to be noticed and harrassed

Pink taxis race, cross lanes

With concrete pedestrians lanes towering above

Extreme respect shown in bows to all Buddhas

Kindness to help without reciprocation

Western shops glittering streets

Multi- coloured screens selling false picture perfect lives

Massage palors clustered with sweet perfumes

Underbelly streets stinking of rotting food

Disguised by incense blowing in the air

Small carts offering sliced fruits

And char-grilled meats

Most stay shortly

Graft long distances for their slice of the pie

But little transition on

Tourists to be taken advantage of

Desperate to show their cultured side

But only remain in western malls