I am magnetic to you

But I don’t want it

Your cunning eyes can’t leave me

Despite your wife beside you

I feel her wrath upon me


Despite my lack of encouragement

Your eyes eat up my free spirit

Like a starving man

A reminder of life’s potential

If you could capture me by your side


An accidental touch

Only makes it worse

I can see her controlled facade slip

You’ll live to regret


I wish I could wake you both up

To your dissonance with each other

But you’ll hide forever

In each others eternal misery



Hummingbirds glide

Spiders crawl

Mosies lurk

Lifes riches abundant


Clouds float

Mist glides

Trees waft

Tranquility abundant


Rain freefalls

Rivers rush

Waterfall powers

Causing green abundance


Revolve to each other

Moon and earth

Locked in each others gravity

Unwilling and constant movements together

Love fills each glance

Unable to stop gentle touches

Unwilling to break each others sphere

Giving warmth to others

Of what love can be

As if cast from the same mold

Smile from the debates

Designed to set the other alight

Power in your fire

Warmth in your love

No pretense in who you are

Lovers games amiss in your behaviour

Trust eternal in each others arms

Naturally revolving to the others needs

Concern continuous, to ensure each others hearts

Are unbroken

And eternally each others

Lovers in the dark

I watch in hope and education

That there maybe another

Awaiting the spark of life

My presence will give

As you do for one another

In a jungle lit with life

Your love over shadows all else

With a unique light all of its own


My branches were trimmed

Hacked to the stump

You nursed my wound

Teasing it back to life

Normalising my oddities

In a world where I fell

You cared for me

Till the flowers creeped forth

Making me strong

An invisible rock

Till the day I fade

Words will never be enough

Deeds insufficient

to compensate

What you mean to me

What you did for me

Bringing me back to life

When I saw no road back


I was one half

of a whole Apple

dangling on a branch


Till you cut yourself free

my friends poured Lemon Juice

to stop the rot

too late


I browned beneath

acid burning my eyes

turning the years stale

twisting against what had been


My seeds fell to earth

burrowing into fertile soil

my roots sprouting wings

leaves stretching forth


A whole tree is born

where my apple once was

your scar remains

but consumed and lost forever more



The mountains climb up

Unexpected grey jagged edges

Jagged little pill in my ear

Swallows diving, dancing

The gruff tanned Spaniards weary eyes

Barbers cut throat razors

A distant memory elsewhere


My heart heals

The hole dissipates

In the trickles of water

The giggles of young women

And limitless fresh air


The doe eyed cows

The bright greetings of old friends in local cafe bars

Nursing small coffees over cards

Giggles over bad photos

Life returns on

And I return home

A little less damaged, a little more whole

New World

Clouds are lined with pink

Hearts are warmed by sunlight

Hope burns bright in the air

My life is born today

Energy once lost fills my bones

Life pumps in my muscles

Divinity clears my head

Giving peace to my chatter

Journeys beginning and ending in a moment

Life burning bright, with you holding my heart

My world expands out

To reach places previously silent

Now my world is brimming

With flavors anew

Some exquisite, some off putting

But all form a mosaic

Of what a beautiful new world I’m in