Malahide- #Poem #Travel

Ice cream

Smearing lips

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Bye- #Poem #Poetry

Goodbye my lover

Au revoir my soul mate

Sianara to the hater

Ciao to your pain and anger

Hello to warmth

Good morning to passion

Bonjour to peace

Salut to the self


Forward- #Poem #Poetry

My legs tremble

Muscles twitching under pressure

Knees buckling

I feel your shoulder

Under my arm

Pulling me up

When I want to fall down

Shoes slip on gravel

Grips missing their goal

You catch me as I fall

The ground flattening out

My stride is sturdier

You hold hands out

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Limited perfections- #Poem #Poetry

Your lips salves on me

Memory of your kisses trace my skin

Arms pulling me into you

All that remains are butterflies

And your lingering kisses

A warmth spreads through me

I can’t stop the smile

Piercing me with your coy smile

Will you come back for more?

Or will this have been the perfect night with you?


Snuck- #Poem #Poetry

You snuck up on me

I stopped looking

Wanting a breath from life

But your hand brushed my cheek

Pulling my attention away

Lips finding mine

Stealing my breath

Trembling my knees

I can find myself falling

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Shifting- #Poem #Poetry

We sit in sunshine

Lying in the darkness

I still feel your arms there

Loving through it all

Communication not natural

Hard to be open

Difficult to trust

But you’re being open with me

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What should I do?- #Poem #Poetry

Go back as a corporate negotiator

Bang a table over self importance

Demanding blood for the last penny


Should I change completely?

Live outside till my back gives out

Hands gnarled from the love of green growth


Should I give walking tours

Sharing my love of nature

Or history of cities


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Defining Love- #Poem #Poetry

I wrote a checklist

To try and define my love

With a logical spin

Even with 7 pages telling me I wasn’t ready

They were dwarfed by one line

I want to spend the rest of my life loving you

Nothing makes sense

Without you by my side

Your smile brings warmth to me

Arms defining real love

Tangling my hair in your fingers

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Guilt versus Responsibility- #Poem #Poetry

I have guilt

But you have the responsibility

You walked out

Without even trying to repair the holes you picked open

I said sorry for my part

As soon as I saw where I’d pulled a thread out

In that moment you said thanks for mistreating me

Today I called for the first time in months

And heard the sadness in you

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Congruent- #Poem #Poetry

Emotions bubble round me

Space between my stimulus

And impending reaction

Giving a gaping hole of peace

Allowing logical of mind

Peace of thought

Decision to be as I am

Not to return to the life of chaos

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Breaking the Cycle- #Poem #Poetry

You gave a request

I read as an ultimatum

You stated you finally want to stop this circle

Finally opening up

And I start to see

That even when I said the contrary

I’d been closed to you

Love for you grows with me

Tears of sorrow for the guilt

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Orange Clothed Man in Peace- #Poem #Poetry

Your eyes are calm

Wrinkles line your face from laughter

Serenity part of your clothes

A teacher you naturally make

Tailoring your wisdom

To guide others in practices of Buddha

But ask for nothing in return

Only to remove the scales from eyes

That tether us in negative cycles

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Magnets- #Poem #Poetry

I can feel your pull over me

Attracting weight to you

Fear rises in me

Of what this does to me

I have no control of my need

To breath in your love

Feel my heart echos yours

Running my fingers on your skin

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Fixed in the Wind- #Poem #Poetry

Take me as I am

For I cannot change

I am as fixed as the willow

Bending in the wind

Growing in sunshine

Shedding my leaves when winter comes

I am cyclical

And that will never end


Appalachian Trail- #Poem #Hiking #Appalachian Trail #AT

The clock is ticking

It won’t be long now

I set myself the goal

I can’t turn back

Nervousness is mounting

Will the training be enough?

Fevered conversations with experts

Driving me onto the trail

Unknown will be my conditions

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