Mon Soleil- #Poem #Love

Ice-cream eyes staring into mine

Subtle touches, hiding the hunger

Warm sighs, as soft as a summer breeze

Hearts burning in a furnace of blazing sun

Memories give rise to tingles that play out across my bare skin

A subconcious smile given at mention of your sun shine name

Time stops when our eyes lock

And I forget to breath

Only existing here… A day of pure sun

Hostel #Poem #Travel #Hostel

Patience from reception staff

Screams from the entitled

Demands after days hiking

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Butterflies- #Poem #Love

I saw you tall and lopping

Blonde hair ruffling in the wind

Following you like a magnet

I felt you pull towards me

Both shy and nervous

Yet certain something was there

Your lips gentle

Soft on mine

Pulling me in

Till the butterflies danced through my hair


My Baby- #Poem #Poetry

You nestle in me

Taking nourishment from me

Your home within me

My hand, fits yours

Will you look like me

Or nothing similar

Can I show you my world

Watch you grow into it

A tiny human

Observe you change

See you develop

Cut your hair

When you don’t like it

Mark and pierce your body

To find new ways of expression

See you fall in love

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Free from my Mind- #Poem #Enlightenment

Take me away

Free me from the judgement

Guilt laced responsibility

Narcissistic ruminating

Run from the noise

Consequences of my behaviour

Blind me to my fault

Away me from the rightous

Free me from my mind