Judgement Day- #Poem #Poetry

Life slips through my fingers

Out of my body

Passing like the wind in my hair

Time just a measurement

Experience a marker with scars

My body and soul marked with lines

That I wouldn’t trade

A lesson etched on my life

Ones to take to the grave

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Vengeance- #Poem #Poetry

Save me from drowning

Please don’t hold my head under

With the next breath

You profess love unending

I can’t see the truth anymore

Don’t know who I’ll get

Jekyll or Hyde

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Rightful Wrath- #Poem #Poetry

Hate calls from your voice

I want you to hurt

Need you to burn alive

When did I earn this punishment?

Can forgiveness be earnt?

Before our clock runs out

I feel my love being eaten alive

Under your never-ending wrath


Patience by the Phone- #Poem #Poetry

I sit by the phone again

Tears well in my eyes

You said you’d call

Told me I was number one

All I hear is the sounds of silence

Guess the promise easily given

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Loved for the Black Dog- #Poem #Poetry

Be the song

Become the feeling

Live in the emotion

Accept it’s desolation to you

But what if I fight it

Could I win

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The Purest Self- Love- #Poem #Poetry

We gave up on each other

Replacements easily found

But pouring our energy away

Into a deep abyss of vampires

To return with no change

No boilstering of just me

The balance never in my favour

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Easy Escape- #Poem #Poetry

Let me fall into you

An easy armchair

Comforting with another

Rather than facing it alone

Your love bloisters the gap

Where my own should be

Starring into mirror

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Times Residing Grief- #Poem #Grief

Time is the healer

Or the pioneer of my mind

Take the sharpness of the pain

To a permanent dull ache

Residing within my heart

A wrong to never leave

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My Own Worst Battle – #Poem #Poetry

I am my enemy

Waiting to leap

Bound in silent wake

To lay judgement at your feet

Knocking out your legs

To leave you here with me

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I give over to you

As a thousand times before

My faithful friend

I fall into my usual rhetoric

It feels simple, easy, uncomplicated

I don’t have to think

To feel your loving arms around me

Taking me to the oblivion I crave

Here I don’t have to think

I just am.

Selfish, wallowing in the self

Take me away from the sunshine

Into the darkest recesses of my mind

Create evidence of my continued failure

Despair absolute

On my isolated island of pity

To choke on my own denial

Of a world across the sea

Life boats occasionally float past

Looking for signs of life

Turning my back

Secure in the knowledge I would drown

As how could they accept

Believe in me

Love me?

Save me?

If I don’t even want it myself


The path is winding

Boulders fill my way

I clamber and climb

Feet finding purchase

I get high from my success

But sucked down from the distance to go

Questioning when will my journey end

What is my success

But to continue the climb

Peering back I see the vista

Glaring forward I talk in the peak

Sat on my boulder I wait

Refusing to move on further

Sunrising; Sunsetting

And still I move no further

I am weary from the paths toil

Yet nothing here is changing

I grow stale, muscles atrophy

My mind muggy

Begging for difference, yet body unchanged

Movement no longer understood

Change now unheard

And I rot into the waste

Blind to the Blame

Bullets ricohet

Around the room

Roaming for a victim

Searching with dark intent

Ripping through each other

No one to blame

But we see the smoking guns

In our hands

Tears stream

Responsibility lost

Et tu Brute?

You forgot to tell me

Didn’t care to say

You were testing us

Testing the grass

Moving away

I would have accepted

Could have understood

But I’ll never know

I stayed behind

Clearing the weeds from my heart

Don’t fall my love

Don’t come back

The damage one

Beyond compart

And you proceeded anyway

Never to look back

At the trail of blood

From the stab wound in my back