Fruitless Villainy #Poem #Arguements #LoversTears

Life permeates all your words

Spilling from your mouth

As easily as a lovers verse

Turning me to the villian

When I have done no wrong

Banishing me to blood and rath

All to play your childish games

When you are no more than you are

The mind happily blown away

To tears and silence

Drugs Stupor #Poem #Painkillers

Trapped in my body

Pain that never leaves

I float in a stupor

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Ghost of Fear- #Poem #Broken heart

It’s a subtle change

You seem just a touch happier today

The day I’m to leave you

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Escapism- #Poem #Poetry

Take me away

Free me from judgement

Guilt laced responsibility

Narcissistic ruminating

Run from the noise

Consequences of my behaviour

Blind me to my fault

Free me from the night

Alone- #Poem #Depression

Poorly planned words fall from your lips

They echo through my mind

Fear and doubt churns in my stomach

And I’m back in that room

I just can’t escape

Truths don’t belong with me here

But the ghosts stay in my mind

I look for the keys

To escape from here back to you

But I can’t get out

I hear you outside

But I’m still alone in here

In the dark

the cold

Misplaced Grief- #Poem #Poetry

I shouldn’t feel sad for you

Others in my place would rejoice

That you’re trapped a year on

Still in darkness of our divorce

But I just feel pity

As I moved on

But you’re just a shadow

No knowledge of who you really are

Letting someone tell you who you can be, who you can talk too

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Black hole- #Poem #Poetry

Sucking all within

Consuming everything in sight

Refusing anything purchase

A way to escape

Not to have to try anymore

Just to drown

In the darkness

Don’t save me

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Moving On, Moving Away- #Poem #Poetry

You didn’t move on

But you are the one who walked out

I moved forward

But you decided to live in dark denial

Refusing responsibility for the hurricane caused

Try all the counsellors and books you want now

But even your new partner in crime won’t accept your sadness

The world wants a mask from you

Believing because you left

That you are the happy one

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Guilt versus Responsibility- #Poem #Poetry

I have guilt

But you have the responsibility

You walked out

Without even trying to repair the holes you picked open

I said sorry for my part

As soon as I saw where I’d pulled a thread out

In that moment you said thanks for mistreating me

Today I called for the first time in months

And heard the sadness in you

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Pick up, Pick up, Pick up- #Poem #Poetry

I stare at my phone

Waiting for release

Are you their too

Do you pause endlessly too

Or am I the only crazy one?

Awaiting any sign of love

Telling me not to worry

That you are with me in my isolation

Don’t leave me vulnerable

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