Breaking the Cycle- #Poem #Poetry

You gave a request

I read as an ultimatum

You stated you finally want to stop this circle

Finally opening up

And I start to see

That even when I said the contrary

I’d been closed to you

Love for you grows with me

Tears of sorrow for the guilt

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Magnets- #Poem #Poetry

I can feel your pull over me

Attracting weight to you

Fear rises in me

Of what this does to me

I have no control of my need

To breath in your love

Feel my heart echos yours

Running my fingers on your skin

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Strength in My Body’s Movement- #Poem #Poetry

Muscles excerted

Pushed to the bound

Want to collapse beneath

This temporary hold

Breath through the desire

Calm the twitch beneath

Know I trust you body

To hold me in your keep

The Purest Self- Love- #Poem #Poetry

We gave up on each other

Replacements easily found

But pouring our energy away

Into a deep abyss of vampires

To return with no change

No boilstering of just me

The balance never in my favour

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Times Residing Grief- #Poem #Grief

Time is the healer

Or the pioneer of my mind

Take the sharpness of the pain

To a permanent dull ache

Residing within my heart

A wrong to never leave

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You See Me

I thought I was a shadow

But you spotted me sat there

Hiding in the corner

Didn’t think anyone noticed my natural self- sacrifice

You saw me though

The whole me

And said I was beautiful

Understood I always put myself last

If it meant I could help others

Others laugh off that I would be sad

When people who’d wronged me were unhappy

But you called it beautiful

Claimed it was magnificent

Bringing tears to my eyes

No one else had seen me

But you saw me

Saw all of me

And told me this was the end of it

That every day you would put me first in your heart

As I naturally did for you

Holding me carefully in your hands

Bringing tissues for my eyes

Asking what I needed

And giving it to me in every moment

Filling me completely with your love

Healing my broken pieces back together

With the glue of your love



Your kisses run down my neck

Leaving a trail of fire

Fingers entwined in my hair

My fingers nails trace your muscles

Moving through me

Blinding my vision

Legs entwined together

Twisting and curling in unison

Energy burning

Fuelling each others fire

Gaining purchase to the others heart

Addictive in its use

Water refusing to cool it

Even once our appetite is sated

Love growing in our bodily comfort taken

Taking root and growing wings

Till you live there

And I carry you with me

Never to let you leave my side

Et tu Brute?

You forgot to tell me

Didn’t care to say

You were testing us

Testing the grass

Moving away

I would have accepted

Could have understood

But I’ll never know

I stayed behind

Clearing the weeds from my heart

Don’t fall my love

Don’t come back

The damage one

Beyond compart

And you proceeded anyway

Never to look back

At the trail of blood

From the stab wound in my back


Sun versus the Moon

You envy my place in the stars

Yet you remain the indominable sun

You bring growth in those around

Life flourishing deep, connecting automatically

You ignite fire to allow growth and change

I silence the fires

Bring serenity in the lapping waves

I reflect in the sky

Merely through the gift of your light

The days I eclipse you

Can you not see?

That without your light

All remains dark

On those days hopes rises in me that you will finally take this lesson

That although we orbit

One is not better, Nor worse

We are

Jealousy misplaced

As you weren’t meant to cause the tides

As I was not meant to bring growth

But together we mean life


I love you

Beyond sense

Without reason

Your smile lights a fire

Deep in my heart

I don’t need a return

A price to be paid

Smiles welcomed

But even in isolation

The gift of you

Will light me forever

A twinned warmth

Of which reciprocation unnecessary

Purely a wish to live

A life of loving you

The year

Memories burden me

Overwhelm me in their darkness

A year has past me by

The slow tick of the clocks

Echoing me in the silence of my heart

Time drifted on

And yet I feel no different

The pain a distant noise

Reverberations of lifes lessons

Ones I didn’t want

I still find no logic, no reason

For how someone walked away

No attempt to try, or even a kindness

Just a get the F$%k out

But tomorrows a new day

One to remember

That now I’m free

Of the bile of that life

The emptiness of being with you

Darkness no more

As tomorrow I switch on my light

Banishing you to the shadows

From where you once came

My Redemption Song

I knew who you were


I listened to the wrong advice


Ignoring my never wrong gut


Hand blindly wrenched into your chest


My heart dripping your souls life blood


Death calling for me to come home


Spirit divided in dark dreams of pain


Gaia tells me to have hope


Because I stand waiting for you


Peace comes in fleeting hopes of redemption