Bangkok- #Thailand #BangkokMadness

As soon as I arrived in Bangkok, I crashed out from jet lagged (after 36 hours of travelling). My next focus was purely on getting my visa for the USA, so that I could do the Appalachian trail across the USA. After I’d submitted my online application I finally thought, maybe I should actually see a little bit of Bangkok?

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My Heart- #Poem #Love

I’ll see you soon

I know you’re not far

But there’s an ache in my heart

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Alone- #Poem #Depression

Poorly planned words fall from your lips

They echo through my mind

Fear and doubt churns in my stomach

And I’m back in that room

I just can’t escape

Truths don’t belong with me here

But the ghosts stay in my mind

I look for the keys

To escape from here back to you

But I can’t get out

I hear you outside

But I’m still alone in here

In the dark

the cold

In France with the Magician

I landed out in Belgium late at night, to have the Magician and his father pick me up. The drive went by quickly in a blur. My lack of French not stopping us all singing rock songs together on the drive to the Magician home. Continue reading In France with the Magician

Bye- #Poem #Poetry

Goodbye my lover

Au revoir my soul mate

Sianara to the hater

Ciao to your pain and anger

Hello to warmth

Good morning to passion

Bonjour to peace

Salut to the self


Forward- #Poem #Poetry

My legs tremble

Muscles twitching under pressure

Knees buckling

I feel your shoulder

Under my arm

Pulling me up

When I want to fall down

Shoes slip on gravel

Grips missing their goal

You catch me as I fall

The ground flattening out

My stride is sturdier

You hold hands out

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Limited perfections- #Poem #Poetry

Your lips salves on me

Memory of your kisses trace my skin

Arms pulling me into you

All that remains are butterflies

And your lingering kisses

A warmth spreads through me

I can’t stop the smile

Piercing me with your coy smile

Will you come back for more?

Or will this have been the perfect night with you?


Misplaced Grief- #Poem #Poetry

I shouldn’t feel sad for you

Others in my place would rejoice

That you’re trapped a year on

Still in darkness of our divorce

But I just feel pity

As I moved on

But you’re just a shadow

No knowledge of who you really are

Letting someone tell you who you can be, who you can talk too

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Snuck- #Poem #Poetry

You snuck up on me

I stopped looking

Wanting a breath from life

But your hand brushed my cheek

Pulling my attention away

Lips finding mine

Stealing my breath

Trembling my knees

I can find myself falling

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Moving On, Moving Away- #Poem #Poetry

You didn’t move on

But you are the one who walked out

I moved forward

But you decided to live in dark denial

Refusing responsibility for the hurricane caused

Try all the counsellors and books you want now

But even your new partner in crime won’t accept your sadness

The world wants a mask from you

Believing because you left

That you are the happy one

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Shifting- #Poem #Poetry

We sit in sunshine

Lying in the darkness

I still feel your arms there

Loving through it all

Communication not natural

Hard to be open

Difficult to trust

But you’re being open with me

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Defining Love- #Poem #Poetry

I wrote a checklist

To try and define my love

With a logical spin

Even with 7 pages telling me I wasn’t ready

They were dwarfed by one line

I want to spend the rest of my life loving you

Nothing makes sense

Without you by my side

Your smile brings warmth to me

Arms defining real love

Tangling my hair in your fingers

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Guilt versus Responsibility- #Poem #Poetry

I have guilt

But you have the responsibility

You walked out

Without even trying to repair the holes you picked open

I said sorry for my part

As soon as I saw where I’d pulled a thread out

In that moment you said thanks for mistreating me

Today I called for the first time in months

And heard the sadness in you

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Camino Day 63 (Villar de Mozarife to Astorga) 31K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Today was a day for sadness and excitement. I was excited because the Magician and I were only two days from Cruz de Ferro (a large cross). At the cross you could leave a stone you carried all the way from home here (to represent the burden you would leave on the pilgrimage). The one I had with me I’d actually picked up a few months before in Costa Rica. It had the strips of a tiger on it, representing to me, that if I wanted something badly enough, even I could Continue reading Camino Day 63 (Villar de Mozarife to Astorga) 31K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Earnt my Sweat- #Poem #Poetry

Legs gently warmed

Arms lose at my sides

Curled at the elbow in a warrior pose

Sun on my face

Gently flecks of rain to cool my brow

Concrete falling away under my strides

Pound music in rhythm with my heart beat

Stress falls away

Knowledge that I can

In every stride

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