Forward- #Poem #Poetry

My legs tremble

Muscles twitching under pressure

Knees buckling

I feel your shoulder

Under my arm

Pulling me up

When I want to fall down

Shoes slip on gravel

Grips missing their goal

You catch me as I fall

The ground flattening out

My stride is sturdier

You hold hands out

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Congruent- #Poem #Poetry

Emotions bubble round me

Space between my stimulus

And impending reaction

Giving a gaping hole of peace

Allowing logical of mind

Peace of thought

Decision to be as I am

Not to return to the life of chaos

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Fixed in the Wind- #Poem #Poetry

Take me as I am

For I cannot change

I am as fixed as the willow

Bending in the wind

Growing in sunshine

Shedding my leaves when winter comes

I am cyclical

And that will never end


Camino Day 56 (Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz) 21K- #CAMINO #HIKING

After the wonderful evening in the restaurant (Green Kitchen), we went back for breakfast. Here I watched my Brother cleanse the owner and room with holy wood. She was really sweet, as afterwards she then gave him breakfast and a pair of Camino socks. Its small moments like this, you see Camino magic. I spoke to the owner afterwards about what it was like working on the Camino. She spoke honestly about the challenges of being able to integrate with locals, and how it can take a huge amount of your time. We talked a lot about how if you put Continue reading Camino Day 56 (Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz) 21K- #CAMINO #HIKING

I am here, I am present- #Poem #Poetry

My thoughts are here

Floating to the Yin and Yang

My emotions roll like waves

Tide in, Tide out

Body like a steading rock

Capturing the me in its vessel

Behaviour and deed igniting changes

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Retreat- #Poem #Poetry

The tree prickles with the suns heat

Waking with the dawn

Lost in internal searches

Mindful of each intent

Each movement

A community of one goal

Yet interpretations vary the practice

Seeping transformation

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The Purest Self- Love- #Poem #Poetry

We gave up on each other

Replacements easily found

But pouring our energy away

Into a deep abyss of vampires

To return with no change

No boilstering of just me

The balance never in my favour

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Water Beach- #Poem #Poetry

Take me to the sea

The salty water will cleanse me

Bathing in the powerful waves

Sand will rub down my rough skin

Showing my soft under belly

Sticking to the wet skin

In delicate beige swirls

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My Own Worst Battle – #Poem #Poetry

I am my enemy

Waiting to leap

Bound in silent wake

To lay judgement at your feet

Knocking out your legs

To leave you here with me

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Peace in the Gap

Anger burns in my eyes world

Furnace of actions and reactions

Peace gained in the space

Between your stimulus

And my reaction

Quiet and logic fuel my behaviour

Choosing who I am

What I become in this now

In a previous world of corresponding explosions

Now I surrender to a peace

Of being who I want

In a world of instant gratifications