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Singing in 2019 in last year, I saw all the smiling faces surround me. I kissed goodbye to an epic 2018, with my husband holding me softly, telling me all he wants is to spend everyday of his life with me. Leaving me, as always, feeling a continued awestruck gratitude that brought him into my life.

Normally every year I reflect back on the positives and the negatives. Make resolutions I never keep on losing weight, or ‘changing’ anything I’ve decided I don’t arbitrarily like about myself. But this year I’m left feeling nothing but gratitude. And a distinct lack of need for a resolution, of any kind.

At the end of 2017 I tried to accept I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet, and continued to try and ‘look for change’. I was still hunting down the ‘new’ Amy that was magically different, better, shinier. The year had other plans for me though.

2018 took me on a tour through Thailand and Nepal, where the Magician and I came back together. During the several months that followed a cycle of me trying to prep for the 2,200 mile Appalachian trail and injury, I finally realised that the Magician wasn’t going to hurt me (I didn’t need to keep trying to run away from him). My third (and final) attempt at hiking the trail lasting only a few days and miles out from Harpers ferry. Giving me time to finally realise and truly accept what it really meant to ‘listen to’ my body. Whilst the Magician traveled to India for satsang that changed his life, to the point I followed suit a few short weeks later. The winter brought me home to our French wedding filled with more love and tears than I thought existed in the world. And if that wasn’t enough, we finally made it home, to Dublin, to settle down for a life filled with love, nature and simplicity.

At the end of all this, I can’t help but be stuffed to the brim with gratitude. Two years ago I started a new journey, which has lead me to a new family that has welcomed me home like a long lost friend. Continued to leave me filled with a flabbergasted inspiration for my wheelchair bound mother. Warmed to the bottom of my heart with my family’s continued love. Mischievous giggles from shared laughter and adventures with friends old, and new. But, above all, there’s a twinkle in my eyes, put there as if by magic, from a blue eyed Frenchman.

During the last few months I’ve questioned whether or not to continue my blog. I’d originally started this as a method to help me work through the sudden changes in my life, then as a method to improve my writing. A conversation with a beautiful Belgian Lion finally brought me back here. Reminding me of the simple pleasure I have of writing, and her’s, from seeing another’s adventures through their eyes.

I’ll leave you all here, wishing you a wonderful 2019. One where you don’t have a resolution to be a ‘new’ person, seek reasons to not just accept that beauty that is you, just as you are. Where you can enjoy the cup of tea, just for the pleasure of the moment. One where your health continues to be your wealth. A year that sparkles and ignites love in you. And lastly….. one that helps you to connect to someone beautiful.

Credits: A massive thank you to the phenomenal Alex, who caught our smiles, and the epic Simon, who captured our cold November salutations.

Illuminate #Poem #Awaken #Buddha

Control this, Manipulate that

All built onto a stack of lies

Seek the path

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Awakening #Poem #Enlightenment #Awaken

Emotions have become a drama

Ego driving things a thunder

Mind analysing when not wanted

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Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

After leaving Nepal in our wake, we headed to the Northern Thai city, Chiang Mai. This city is a very well-known spiritual place, filled with retreats, elephant sanctuaries, and other fun things for the conscious tourist. After landing in the city, we got picked up from the centre to start our retreat. I was excited about this, as a German Yoga instructor recommended Suan Sati. We would be spending 2 weeks in their Truck-a-low. This was basically a truck that had been converted into a romantic room for two. Continue reading Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

Lumbini- #Buddha #Nepal #Asia

We heading out too early in the morning to Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha). Lumbini is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindu’s (as Hindu’s believe Buddha was the reincarnation of Vishnu). In 1997 it was granted World Heritage status by UNESCO. Again, due to the road works, we would be on the road for over 5 hours. The journey only got worse, as we guessed we had to get out by the country border between India and Nepal. Here we waited for the taxi to our hotel (but no one arrived). After taking refuge in a café, we were taken pity on by the locals, as they tried to understand where we were going, and that the hotel hadn’t arrived to pick us up. A painful hour later, a hotel driver turned up to collect us. Taking the dusty road out to the hotel, it seemed as though everything was covered in a pale orange dust. Continue reading Lumbini- #Buddha #Nepal #Asia

Value of Serenity- #Poem #Peace

The morning has come

And you are with me

Long gone are my fears of desertion

When I call

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Phi Phi Part 2- #ThaiIslandMadness #Thailand #PhiPhi

Later in the week I took myself out on a trial dive. This was the first time I’d ever been diving and I flaked between being excited and nervous. On the diving boat we went to two nearby locations. To be honest, diving in Phi Phi is awful. You get to see huge shoals of fish, coral, turtles, pretty much every fish in Finding Nemo bobbing around. Its terrible, total waste of money. I’d never do it again. The consolation was getting to see the beach where they filmed the movie ‘The Beach’. This was a pretty continuous joke from any women about wanting to touch a piece of land that Leo Dicaprio had touched. So needless to say, tourists typically swarm the place like ants. Leo’s one of these celebrities that I’ve never really ‘gotten’ though. He’s just not that pretty to me… Now Jake Gyllenhaal… Oh yes…   Continue reading Phi Phi Part 2- #ThaiIslandMadness #Thailand #PhiPhi

Phi Phi Part 1- #ThaiIslandMadness #Thailand #PhiPhi

Landing in Phi Phi in the brilliant sunshine and tiny island’s pier I ran into the immediate hub bub of the island tourist life. Here I was herded through the centre, passing multiple cafes, resturants, bar and dive schools. Meeting one dive school they gave me a map of where my hostel was and then said whistfully, ah, you’re in one of the party hostels. Curiosity filled me at this point. After recent discussions with the Magician, I started to reach a strange level of peace and was actively looking to follow a path based on love and not fear. This included the assumption and expectation that because it was the ‘party town’ hostel area, it would obviously be a bad thing. 
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Phuket- #ThaiIslandMadness #Thailand #Phuket

After the craziness of Bangkok I was looking forward to experiencing the famous Thailand Islands. I landed late in the night in Phuket, which is legendary for ridiculous priced taxis. It was here I share a cab with a beautiful soul. During our cab ride she recommended that I make my way to a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai. And if a yoga instructor is recommending a yoga retreat, you can bet its good. Continue reading Phuket- #ThaiIslandMadness #Thailand #Phuket

Camino Day 78 (Cee to Fisterra) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

The Magician and I were both in high spirits as we set off from Cee. Every few steps taking a moment to enjoy the autumn sun on our skin. Marveling at the warms so late in the year, especially after the few days of rain Continue reading Camino Day 78 (Cee to Fisterra) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 75 (Alto do Mar Do Ovellas to Vilaserío) 26K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Our Camino family woke earl-ish in the morning, setting off from the albergue all together. Quickly we separated into two groups. My Brother, a beautiful Spanish woman and I walked together all morning.  With light- hearted conversations, we spent most Continue reading Camino Day 75 (Alto do Mar Do Ovellas to Vilaserío) 26K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 74 (Santiago to Alto do Mar Do Ovellas) 16K- #CAMINO #HIKING

We had a lie in this morning before heading out to grab breakfast with our Camino family. This was strange as it was the first time we’d walked without our back packs in over 2 months. Leaving our feet and shoulders feeling magically lighter. Unfortunately we needed to make our flights from Porto in a short week we had to keep walking today if we would reach Finisterra and Continue reading Camino Day 74 (Santiago to Alto do Mar Do Ovellas) 16K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 73 (Irene to Santiago) 28K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Waking at 3am I wriggled round trying to get back to sleep, but failing miserable, I then got up to start my walk into Santiago. Here I found the front door locked, with a notice saying the door wouldn’t be opened till 8-30am. I was seething. I wanted to walk, to run, to escape. I was feeling rubbish for wanting to walk alone, and just wanted to drive my emotional energy into a hard-paced walk, Continue reading Camino Day 73 (Irene to Santiago) 28K- #CAMINO #HIKING