Camino Day 54 Rest Day in Burgos- #CAMINO #HIKING

Today was our rest day in Burgos! We managed to convince a lot of our other friends to take the day off with us. Unfortunately we got kicked out of the Municipal bang on 8am though, so no nice lie in. We all clambered out of the municipal together and had a goodbye breakfast together with our Spanish friend and my Little Sister. My Little Sister was off to find her Texan, and start her beautiful love story, as he was purposely waiting further up the trail for her. Continue reading Camino Day 54 Rest Day in Burgos- #CAMINO #HIKING


Camino Day 53 (Agés to Burgos) 26K- #CAMINO #HIKING

We set out late this morning after a long breakfast with my Brother and the Magician. The walk out of Agés was along a road with few and far between cars. I walked in sight of the Magician, but alone for a large part of the morning. It was going to be my 35th Birthday in a couple of days. I was nervous, my last birthday had been a disaster. My ex and I had a birthday tradition which involved being sung happy birthday in the morning and served cake in bed. Well he’d decided that it didn’t seem important anymore as I’d been busy with my new job. He realised this was a mistake after I’d gotten very upset. Reliving these memories, Continue reading Camino Day 53 (Agés to Burgos) 26K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 52 (Belorado to Agés) 29K- #CAMINO #HIKING

In Belorado there’s no where to have breakfast, so we chowed down on some terrible fake processed chocolate croissants from a local shop. The Magician, my Brother and I walked out from Belorado together, till we got to the small town called Villafrance Montes de Oca. Pilgrims used to recover after crossing the Oca mountains here. Being a pilgrim back then was very dangerous, with robbers leaving them easily open to attack.  On the other hand, pilgrims also used to have a bad reputation. This was because they could be people walking the Camino to escape criminal punishment (i.e. thieves). And they might even be doing the pilgrimage with no way to feed themselves (so they would steal). Continue reading Camino Day 52 (Belorado to Agés) 29K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 51 (Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

We hadn’t seen my Brother the  day before, so we spent all morning walking together. A happy little trio. So here I’ll answer a question you’re dying to know the answer too! Just how do you entertain yourself on a 1,000 mile walk? Your days are filled with slowly changing scenery. Some filled with glorious nature, other smothered in industrial noise and smoke. Sing together, listen to music. I might have a small habit of dancing down the Camino. A grown woman, dancing with a 30 pound hiking bag? Yes, it just looks weird. And you’ll have long deep philosophical talks of life, the universe and the why to it all. So there are few ridiculous games we played to break these bits up too. One is ‘What she said!’ This is something you say after someone says something that a woman might say related to sex. The other is ‘Roger’. Effectively you have to say ‘Roger’ after someone burps. You have to do this quickly, as the last one to say it gets a smack around the head… These are deliciously childish games, that are extremely satisfying to help break those serious moments. Its even more fun (gross confession now) but I can burp on command and say words at the same time. So, I pretty much always win at Roger. Cue evil villain laugh. Continue reading Camino Day 51 (Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 50 Sotés to Santo Domingo de la Calzada 35K- #CAMINO #HIKING

The Magician and I set off late in the morning down the hill. The sun was rising quickly and burning off the mist which was curling round the small clumped buildings in Sotés. Once we got down the tarmac road, we reached the Camino again. The dirt track had a golden colour with the small towns highlighted in the distance. On the way now we could easily see the next stops we’d get too. This was a simple motivation for more coffee and food. Today took us to the first major town in a while, Nájera. After Pamplona was sacked by the Moors in 924, the Kings of Navarra residence was moved here. During the War of Independence though the French destroyed large parts of Nájera. This gives the town a huge amount of history here, but is now just a very small town with a number of old churches. Continue reading Camino Day 50 Sotés to Santo Domingo de la Calzada 35K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Camino Day 49 (Logroño to Sotés) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Today we set off with my Brother and the Magician again. They spent a lot of the morning walking ahead of me. The Camino this morning was along dusty roads next to a high way across Spain. I paused once by a chicken wire fence which was filled with pieces of wood set out in crosses. This was one of the first clear signs of the Catholic church and this being a walk of devotion that I’d come across. A sign which was based from Camino walkers collectively together putting signs of their faith on the walk. I felt conflicted in this moment. When I’d reached Pamplona, I’d seen clearly how the church was using fear to create devotion. This had made me start to see that, although, till that point I’d classified myself as Christian. I no longer was. Being here, it just felt creepy to be honest. I started to see that when I saw signs of Christianity, I felt a strong level of judgement. Kind of ironic when you think the path I was walking on is a Christian one based on devotion and pilgrimage. Continue reading Camino Day 49 (Logroño to Sotés) 20K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Internal Supporting Arms- #Poem #Self- love

People say they care for me

But they judge me

People say they love me

But I’m never prioritised

People say I matter

But I’m the one who always concedes

People say, say and say

Continue reading Internal Supporting Arms- #Poem #Self- love

Camino Day 48 (Torres del Rio to Logroño) 21K- #Camino #Hiking

We started out early in a group of three with the Magician and my Brother. We passed a selection of rocks glinting in the sparkling sunrise. When you walk, people mark their passage on walking routes by placing a stone in a pile. This early on made me very sad as people had placed notes in remembrance of people. People walk the Camino for a lot of different reasons. One of these can be to work through the grief. I saw my father ghost in all the pictures of men in their middle ages, and personal messages of love. Continue reading Camino Day 48 (Torres del Rio to Logroño) 21K- #Camino #Hiking

Peace in the Gap

Anger burns in my eyes world

Furnace of actions and reactions

Peace gained in the space

Between your stimulus

And my reaction

Quiet and logic fuel my behaviour

Choosing who I am

What I become in this now

In a previous world of corresponding explosions

Now I surrender to a peace

Of being who I want

In a world of instant gratifications

Internal Volcanoe

My stomach churns

Questions and reason on my lips

Build the anger

Grow the frustration

Fuelling a fire of negative emotions

Escalating up

To a volcanic explosion

Disappointment in the aftermath

Sadness and guilt reverberate

Time and energy lost

Emptiness lies there

Along with initial stomach churns

Still remaining there

Until I accept it is

And remain within it

Observing its affect without giving rise to a cause

It just it

And there it disappates

With my acceptance of it

Blind to the Blame

Bullets ricohet

Around the room

Roaming for a victim

Searching with dark intent

Ripping through each other

No one to blame

But we see the smoking guns

In our hands

Tears stream

Responsibility lost

A New

Balance on the board

Don’t tip over

Burrow into the depths

Till you rise

Clear and Pure

Cleansed by the harsh light

Layers purified into the deep

Realised potential

Balls of energy

Explode into life

Waves of decite push against

Leave them by the wayside

Let them ride through you

Never to deter you from your path

Freedom in your movement

To your rightful path

Bolistered by your believers

The strongest is yourself

Feeling your core of light

Taking you back

To the stars you were born from

Freedom in your light


How can I be honest

When the word betrayal is used so easily

Having a different opinion leads to heated words

I needed something for myself

To not be pushed to a life I’m not ready to accept

But I killed the most precious gem

I’ll suffer alone eternally for my mistake

I should have had more faith

To know we were stronger

But I took the cowards route

Now I’ll pay for it

With tears of my life blood

You sought my betrayal

As I hunted to prove I was unworthy of your love

Silence occupies our voices now

My silent tears endless

Your anger and need for revenge clear

I clutch to strings binding us

I can hear your scissors hanging

I’m waiting for you to snip

When I’ll fall to my death