Daggers #Poem #Love #BlindArgument

I face you with silence

You throw it in my face

Games and manipulations

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Hostel #Poem #Travel #Hostel

Patience from reception staff

Screams from the entitled

Demands after days hiking

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Koh Phangan- #Fullmoonparty #hippysandbooze #Thailand #Asia

We left Koh Samui in the early afternoon, grabbing a bus out to the ferry port. Getting on the ferry out to Koh Pha Ngan is really simple and fast. The challenge comes when the tourists all run on and off the boat, as if being on it 2 seconds earlier than you will make a difference to the journey. We arrived in darkness on the island and walked off the bus (purposely not taking the first taxi trying to win our business). It was worth it, as we were crammed on to the same taxi’s as everyone else, but paid a less than the first tourists who were caught in their trap. We were staying for the first few days in a standard beach hotel at Haad Yao. We were so tired we immediately dumped our bags and tried to find some where open with vegan food. This proved slightly challenging, but ended with a romantic meal on the beach, followed by an after-dinner massage.

So for those who haven’t had a Thai massage, I’ll give you a quick break down. Its similar to a deep tissue massage. The big difference for me, is in Thailand, they just see you as a ‘body’. So in most of my massages in Thailand, they’ll also massage the muscles on my chest, and in a few places you’ll go to there are not curtains between the beds. I have absolutely no problems being semi- naked in front of others. But I know not everyone does. So if you are uncomfortable with this, just let them know before you have a massage. But, you’ll be missing something. The muscles in my chest are surprisingly tense (I suspect from hunching over a laptop all the time!).

In the few days before the full moon party, we hired out a moped and explored the island. A lot of people just descend on the island for the full moon party. To the point they’ll literally just get the ferry to and from the island, not even staying one night. If you’re thinking about this, to be honest, this would be a mistake. The island is very beautiful in the areas beyond the full moon party beach. So we spent our time sipping coffee in vegan cafes, driving the moped up and down numerous steep roads with incredible views out across the sea. There is definitely a tourist vibe on the beaches of the island, but a wealthy chic- hippy vibe inland. Which gives it a distinct culturally mix (with normal Thai life as well).

After our days of soaking up the distinct cultural mix, we headed to Haad Rin for the full moon party. We stayed here a couple of extra days either side of the party. This is obviously a party town, for one night a month. So on nights outside the full moon party, its like arriving to your mates house party 2 hours early, whilst you uncomfortably shuffle around talking to the one or two other people there. You still have most of the bars open and booming, along with the food stalls, stand up bars, fire performers… But on the full moon party night everything explodes! There are huge numbers of tourists that descend, and there are even more crowds of vendors trying to sell you things, and more fire displays.

So on the plus side, the atmosphere was really fun. There was lots of different types of dance, trance, RnB, Reggae music. There were lots of stall with different types of food, and everyone happily wonders around in neon smiling. If you keep your eyes out though, you see families of locals pinicing on the beach laughing. There are number of fortune tellers, waiting for over- drunk patriot’s to appear. And the fire performers are amazing. You’ll also commonly get skipping ropes set on fire, where you can (if you dare)… try and skip through it. Or try and do limbo, which is also on fire). And you might get rewarded with a free shot. I think you can see a theme here? Alcohol… fire… I leave you to add what happens next.

The negatives? Well, I’d come with an expectation that there would be something special energy wise. That people would talk to others (rather than sticking to the friend groups they arrived with), or even just be marginally friendly. And well, my experiences was that people were just there to get exceptionally drunk as quick as possible. So it wasn’t uncommon to see people passed out alone on the beach at 10pm. Their friends not bothering to put them in the recovery position (or were too drunk to even notice they’d disappeared). There wasn’t any special atmosphere. So if you like getting hammered to the point you may vomit over yourself, then due to drunkeness, pee in front of 100 people in the sea, then I’d give the actual full- moon party a miss. I would however say, walking out on the beach in the early hours of the morning, after the party, there was an empty calmness, as the final hustle and bustle of cleaning the beach was over and done with. Its also kind of funny seeing the passed out people being cleaned around. And I’ve never seen someone passed out standing up. It did help me to know to NEVER swim in the sea on this beach…. Urgh….

Ghost of Fear- #Poem #Broken heart

It’s a subtle change

You seem just a touch happier today

The day I’m to leave you

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Koh Samui Part 2- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

This was to be an exceptionally strange week, as I spoke to my ex- husband for the first time in months. This was to let him know that I was writing a book, some of it was based on our relationship break down. I’d just wanted to check that he was ok with me writing this. It turns out he didn’t mind at all. In fact he wanted to read a copy of it when it was finished. The conversation then took a bizarre turn, he talked about how it was hard to adjust to living in a more frugal life style compared to when we’d been together. On top of that, he recommended I read a book based on how to keep your marriage together. All in all, this made me extremely uncomfortable. Continue reading Koh Samui Part 2- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

Koh Samui Part 1- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

I travelled out to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai (catching a flight, then a ferry). This was actually a lot simpler than I’d thought it would be and I was at my hotel by 3pm The hotel was slightly expensive, but I had a room to myself for the quiet I’d been craving. The entire point of landing into Koh Samui was to keep writing, on and on until I’d released pent up emotions and could understand some of the turbulence over the last few months. Questions flooded my mind over and over again. And my pen flew at speed through my note pad. Continue reading Koh Samui Part 1- #ParadiseIsland #Thailand #Asia

Butterflies- #Poem #Love

I saw you tall and lopping

Blonde hair ruffling in the wind

Following you like a magnet

I felt you pull towards me

Both shy and nervous

Yet certain something was there

Your lips gentle

Soft on mine

Pulling me in

Till the butterflies danced through my hair


My Baby- #Poem #Poetry

You nestle in me

Taking nourishment from me

Your home within me

My hand, fits yours

Will you look like me

Or nothing similar

Can I show you my world

Watch you grow into it

A tiny human

Observe you change

See you develop

Cut your hair

When you don’t like it

Mark and pierce your body

To find new ways of expression

See you fall in love

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Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

After leaving Nepal in our wake, we headed to the Northern Thai city, Chiang Mai. This city is a very well-known spiritual place, filled with retreats, elephant sanctuaries, and other fun things for the conscious tourist. After landing in the city, we got picked up from the centre to start our retreat. I was excited about this, as a German Yoga instructor recommended Suan Sati. We would be spending 2 weeks in their Truck-a-low. This was basically a truck that had been converted into a romantic room for two. Continue reading Chiang Mai- #Yogaheaven #Thailand #Asia

Free from my Mind- #Poem #Enlightenment

Take me away

Free me from the judgement

Guilt laced responsibility

Narcissistic ruminating

Run from the noise

Consequences of my behaviour

Blind me to my fault

Away me from the rightous

Free me from my mind


Lumbini- #Buddha #Nepal #Asia

We heading out too early in the morning to Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha). Lumbini is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindu’s (as Hindu’s believe Buddha was the reincarnation of Vishnu). In 1997 it was granted World Heritage status by UNESCO. Again, due to the road works, we would be on the road for over 5 hours. The journey only got worse, as we guessed we had to get out by the country border between India and Nepal. Here we waited for the taxi to our hotel (but no one arrived). After taking refuge in a café, we were taken pity on by the locals, as they tried to understand where we were going, and that the hotel hadn’t arrived to pick us up. A painful hour later, a hotel driver turned up to collect us. Taking the dusty road out to the hotel, it seemed as though everything was covered in a pale orange dust. Continue reading Lumbini- #Buddha #Nepal #Asia

Value of Serenity- #Poem #Peace

The morning has come

And you are with me

Long gone are my fears of desertion

When I call

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Chitwan National Park- #Nepal #Asia

We left Katmandu early in the morning for a wonderful 5 hour bus ride out to Chitwan National Park (which on Nepalese time should translate to 8 hours). One of the first things to know about Nepal, is that the roads and traffic are bad, everywhere. They’re currently building highways to connect the south and north together, but these won’t be finished for a few more years. And currently these road works just add to the chaos. Being stuck on a bus hungry and thirsty for an unknown period of time (with no toilet) left us both in ‘fabulous moods’. Continue reading Chitwan National Park- #Nepal #Asia