Pick up, Pick up, Pick up- #Poem #Poetry

I stare at my phone

Waiting for release

Are you their too

Do you pause endlessly too

Or am I the only crazy one?

Awaiting any sign of love

Telling me not to worry

That you are with me in my isolation

Don’t leave me vulnerable

Fill me with your love

Don’t let me feed my fear

Help me starve it away in isolation

But it’s difficult

I’ve been here before

And found out my fear was right

I know you’re not him

But the memory of pain exists because of him

You just need to keep feeding me your love

And never let me go

So please just pick up love

Tell me its just a nightmare

Say you’ll be here soon

To hold me and fight off my demons

One comment

  1. This was such a heartbreakingly beautiful piece! ❤
    I could just feel the yearning and the pain in each and every line; it was so very poignant.
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Eliza!


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