Camino Day 60 (Sahagun to Reliegos) 33K- #CAMINO #HIKING

Our little group of the Texan, my Little Sister and the Magician left our municipal late. We bounced through Sahagun, finding the half way sign! The Magician and I had walked ¾ of the route from Le Puy to Santiago. Most of that, we had been together. I couldn’t help but feel an enormity of the end coming towards us. We had a schedule of walking to keep because of the flights we’d booked. We also had started making more formal plans together of things that we’d do together. Like go to Disneyland Paris, spending Christmas together, introducing each other to our respective families. This was getting pretty serious.

Watching my little Sister and the Texan though, I could see that they were in the early days of their beautiful love story. The part where you want the world to stand still with you in that moment. So you can enjoy each sparkling moment of joy, of falling in love. Watching them together, this reminded me that there are no barriers to love. Only ones that you give yourself. This might be a checklist of the perfect girl, with certain hair, a certain job, a certain sense of humour. Or you might restrict yourself by saying you’d never date someone who’s got children, or someone who believes in marriage, or someone lives in a certain place. All of these are limits that you decided to place on how you find and feel love with others in the world. On a basic level, you restrict those that you connect with deeply, because you use logical to put restrictions on your life. But these two were showing me that anything is possible when you let go. The Texan couldn’t really speak much French (in fact his Italian Camino brothers taught him more Italian on the route than French). And my Little Sister’s English was limited. But to watch them talk to each other, with vanilla ice cream eyes for each other, whilst happily asking each other what certain words were in their respective language. Well, it would melt the hardest heart, and make anyone believe in fated love. And a beautiful clear lesson that logical can’t and shouldn’t be applied to love.

And every day I got closer to home, these logical arguments were becoming closer and closer to me. As I knew that the people in my life would want to protect me from running into a relationship I wasn’t ready for. As they thought the main reason I’d stepped onto the Camino in the first place was my divorce. And that until I was over that completely, they didn’t want me to commit into a relationship that would stop me from really healing and learning who I was.

The landscape continued deep along the Meseta. This meant flat long dusty landscapes, with orange, rustic coloured dirt. It felt like something that should be more in Hollywood Westerners, than a religious pilgrimage. But walking with friends in the contrasting colours, coupled with the chilled air and bright golden sun gave everything a magical golden feel of days never to be forgotten. Like the sunny days of childhood running with water hoses and laughing hysterically at nothing in particular, just the simple joy of breathing.

On the day continued, included our ill-fated epic search for food at lunch. This was the only day we ever had any issues finding food. We literally walked round the town several times trying to find a shop or restaurant. We eventually ended up in a little shop with the most gorgeous wrinkled Spanish man, who has to be one of the best sales men EVER. He subtly gave us an olive to try, or show cased the local biscuits that were delivered. Needless to say we ended up with an eclectic selection of food which we nibbled through in the cold sunshine. Before having a nap as a group together on a bench.

We walked on through the dusty day, talk filled of what life was like before the Camino. Different reasons driving us to the way. Something not changing in our lives that were. With the hope and dream for something different to change when we went home. If we even knew where home was anymore.

Due to our slow pace we walked late into the night. This was a joyful reminder of the night walk a few days before, but in reverse. Arriving late into Reliegos, our Italian friend had been cooking a carbonara for a large group of us. Another night with my tribe together. Filled with laughter deep into the night.

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I can come in many labels, many boxes, a divorcee, survivor, traveler, writer, optimist. But these labels only limit me to who I am at this point in time. But as you will read on my blog, I am my journey. I hope you will enjoy walking this path with me.

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