Chiang Mai Temple- #Poem #Poetry

Children laugh

Smile so hard they shut their eyes

Roll on the floor in giggles

Parent cry ‘Shhhh’

In the reverent hall

Buddha sits golden on his thrown

Dama his message of life

Believers bow deeply

Head pressed to the floor in reverence

Enlightment and healing sought

In the Dama way of life

Tourist take selfies

Demonstrating boxes ticked

Running out to the next site

To feed their Facebook likes

Women told to cover up

Whilst men are indifferent

Ironic teachings of not too harm

In the Golden Shrine


Published by


I can come in many labels, many boxes, a divorcee, survivor, traveler, writer, optimist. But these labels only limit me to who I am at this point in time. But as you will read on my blog, I am my journey. I hope you will enjoy walking this path with me.

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