Camino Day 35 (Aire – Sur l’ Adour to Pimbo) 25.5K

We set off from Sur l’Adour after picking up the usual supplies for lunch. We came quickly to the Lac du Broussau which is a peaceful calm lake with lots of locals running their dogs around. This was an interesting challenge for the Magician as he’s, well, erm, scared of dogs. Me however, I adore them. To the point I cuddled a puppy who gave me scraches all over my arms (and I didn’t care one bit) because he was so cute! We didn’t come across any other Camino walkers all morning, which made our conversation peaceful and reflective of the life that the Gite owners had. They were busy for about 9 months of the year looking after Camino walkers. Then the other 3 months of the year they shut down their Gite and traveled together. Its difficult to argue that they  don’t have an amazing life. But when they’re looking after Camino walkers, it is non- stop!

Today we’d be walking further than my French Camino mummy, so it was probably the last time we’d see her. This was one of the first goodbyes we’d have over the coming days as we tried to catch up with our previous walking companions. This made me very sad, as these walkers became part of your every day family. Although they would never leave your heart, walking here with them would always be something special.

As we walked into Pimbo we walked through an exceptionally atmospheric wooden pathway. It wasn’t till we arrived in the area and spoke to a local man that we found out that this was the original pilgrim walk which was 1000 years old. Also the area used to be part of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s estate. Eleanor was a pivotal French woman in English history, as she married the Duke of Normandy (who would become King Henry II of England). She would give him 8 children, the second son whom would become Richard the Lionheart. And you’ve guess it, her other son, John. During which times the legend of Robin Hood would be born. Eleanor herself was a woman not to be tampered with. At one point she would be involved in a revolt against her husband King Henry II, to replace him with her first son Henry. An act for which she was held prisoner until he died. To be honest, I find her story gory and heroic. She never seemed to let any man stand in the way of what she wanted. She seemed indomitable, in a time when women generally had little power beyond being seen as property to be passed around as necessary for the family’s benefit.

I sat and made dinner in the communal kitchen, joking and singing in the kitchen with the other Camino walkers. Waiting for the Magician to be finished talking with Paris. What surprised me completely was that he called Paris that night. And actually told her that we were still walking together. And the dates she would be coming was my birthday, and he wanted to spend that time with me. Needless to say a few hours after breaking that news to her, she suddenly wasn’t going to visit the Magician on the Camino anymore. I felt relief flood me that the Magician hadn’t tried to make a choice between us, and had been honest with Paris. But the fact that Paris had made me aware that this was the beginning of a mutual tense automatic response between myself and Paris.

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I can come in many labels, many boxes, a divorcee, survivor, traveler, writer, optimist. But these labels only limit me to who I am at this point in time. But as you will read on my blog, I am my journey. I hope you will enjoy walking this path with me.

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