Circles of my Mind

The Tiger stalks

Through the bushes of my mind

Hunting its prey

Hoping surprise is on his side

To catch him unaware

And trap him between his claws

Unaware the hunter is hunted

In unison they circle

Just out of reach

Fulfilling life’s deadly chase

Never meant to be caught

But told to hunt and destroy

Failing to see the circle

The dependence of life’s infinity

That connection is beyond the traps

Removed from false hunger

They have merely to sit and listen

And in unison find acceptance

Beyond the disillusioned hunt

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I can come in many labels, many boxes, a divorcee, survivor, traveler, writer, optimist. But these labels only limit me to who I am at this point in time. But as you will read on my blog, I am my journey. I hope you will enjoy walking this path with me.

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