My taste buds have gone

My skin prickles in shame

Excuses echo pointless on my lips

Your righteous anger ringing out

How could you understand the why?

When I don’t understand myself

Just know I’m human

And made a mistake I’ll never recover from

I accepted responsibility when I told you

Not wanting my guilt to rot through us

But I see it’s too late anyway

The word hate rings out from your lips

And my stomach falls down

My wings ripped away

And I fall dead to the ground

I want to repeat the easy death of my ethereal self

To live in peaceful slumber

To numb myself to my betrayal

Because I can’t live in a chasm without your love

A never-ending eclipse

Cast from the warmth of your love

I know that would be yet another betrayal

So I wait in hope

That you can forgive one day

That one day you accept my apologises

And feel my love


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