Navigating the Way

On the 22nd December 2016, a change happened in my life that I had no control over. After this I started to develop a love of writing again. Which in turn led me to realised I needed to take a break from my successful career as an International Commercial Negotiator. To take an opportunity to learn more about myself, outside of the workaholic I had become. My writing covers the Travels I’ve been able to luckily enjoy. In which I’ve especially developed a love of long distance Hiking. During this time I’ve written a lot of Poetry that has helped me to digest 2016, and express myself.

Through these continued adventures though I’ve realised the lessons I’ve learnt could help others. You don’t have a choice that major events will hit you in your lifetime and they will leave a scar. But its your decision on how to react to them. If you want to read more about this at all, please see my other blog, 1st Next Step.

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